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Counseling / Coaching for Sexual Trauma & PTSD

Trauma describes a whole lot of profoundly negative experiences, major and minor. Sexual or otherwise, trauma is everywhere—around us and through us, in different degrees and with varying impacts. Understanding how trauma works in the mind and body can open up a lot of insight and empathy about your own and others’ behavior.


Re-empowering yourself after acute or long-term trauma may seem daunting—but we can teach you proven techniques & strategies for managing how you feel and regaining a sense of self and wholeness.

Treating Sexual Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is complicated! All of us at RISE have been there—we know what it's like, how trauma touches every corner of your life.

We also know from experience that you can rise above horrific trauma—and create a life you love. Here we offer trauma counseling & coaching. How does that compare to trauma therapy?

Therapy is a rigorously structured and regulated model based on untangling the past to understand and process a diagnosis. Often tied to your insurance history.

Coaching describes a solution-driven process of retraining yourself how to react to the world in ways you want to—guided by your private trauma counselor.

Read more about trauma here.

Benefits of sex trauma counseling

Sexual trauma can be extremely complex. It can work its way subtly into many parts of your life—sometimes without you even realizing it.

Everyone’s experience is unique, so our coaching is highly personalized and custom-built for your goals and needs. And it adapts to your progress, taking into account your shifting needs and offering new skills, so you can accomplish whatever it is you’re setting out to change.

​What if you could:

  • Stay calm & grounded when triggered

  • Minimize intrusive thoughts & feelings

  • Manage anxiety & depression

  • Sleep through the night

  • Regain your sense of self & wholeness

Well you can! We can help... Click below to schedule a call:

Counseling for Sexual Trauma

What to Expect

It’s a process! But you can do it. Trauma counseling sessions are geared toward achieving your goals—by learning skills and strategies with your coach, and then practicing them in the real world.


Expect your experience to be:​

  • Revealing

  • Intense

  • Sometimes awkward

  • Emotional

  • Uplifting

  • Powerfully healing

Once you decide to seek treatment for sexual trauma & PTSD, here’s what comes next:

1. Initial Consultation

This one's on us. Free 30-min chat with a trauma counselor about your goals and needs, and how we can help.

2. Design Your Strategy

If you decide to move forward, your first full session focuses on where you are now and where you want to get to.

3. Do Your Homework

Take the strategies we develop together in sessions out into the real world and apply them in your daily life.

4. Discover Your Possibilities

Once you achieve your goals, we'll set new ones! Overcoming trauma is an ongoing practice... but so worth it!

The rest of your life is ahead of you...

We'll help you make the most of it!

When you’re ready to get to work, we’re ready to hear from you. At Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment (RISE) we offer trauma counseling & coaching services that will help you overcome struggles and find a greater sense of satisfaction in your life. 


Ready to create a new you? Book a complementary consult with Pamela:

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