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Educational articles, tools, and recommendations for discovering more about your sexuality

Thank you for your blog about the clitoris and penis being analogous...and my wife says thank you too!

— Lawrence

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Relationship Communication

Forge deeper connections through gratitude and empathy, openness and honesty, strategy and practice.

Stories and how-to guides for building better communication habits with your partner(s) whether or not you also use professional services.

Relationship coaching

Sexploration: Taking it further

Keeping things fresh and interesting in the bedroom is an ideal way to connect deeper in other aspects of your relationship(s).

Wherever you are in your sexual journey, there's always more to discover.


Need some ideas? Read how to spice things up.

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Self care & toys

Learn the secrets and health benefits of self pleasure. 

Have you discussed sex tech and fidelity with your partner? Do you know how to find sex-positive porn? Does masturbation help with anxiety?

Get acquainted with yourself. You deserve it.

Sex therapy self care & mental health by Malvestida Magazine

Trauma re-empowerment

We could all use more awareness about the many manifestations of trauma.


Beyond acute major trauma events, low-grade sexual trauma & harassment are commonplace and ingrained in our collective psyche.

The good news is, there are plenty of proven tools and techniques for coping and rising out of trauma into self-empowerment.

Trauma therapy & coaching

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