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Sex Coaching for Individuals & Partners

When’s the last time you talked about sex? Were you able to be candid and vulnerable? How educational was it?


Did you walk away from the conversation feeling heard and empowered?


Sex is an important element in our romantic relationships. It’s a way of expressing our emotions, relieving stress, and connecting more deeply with people.


But it’s also a very individual, personal thing—and not a lot of us are brought up recognizing, appreciating, or practicing that part of sexuality.

Talking about sex and intimacy can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult—especially for people with anxiety, trauma history, or other emotional challenges. But for all of us, there’s a lot to uncover and understand…and we ignore or suppress it at our peril.


Whatever your relationship status—whether you’re working on something with a partner or on your own—sex coaching can help you get on the path toward overcoming your struggles and enjoying sexuality as a natural and fulfilling part of your life.

Tried therapy and it didn't help?

Sexuality is complicated! And it's always shifting based on what's happening in your life. Sex coaching (whether just you or couples coaching) is adaptable and customizable for whatever it is you're working on.

Therapy is a rigorously structured and regulated model based on untangling the past to understand and process a diagnosis.

Coaching describes a solution-driven process of training yourself to the behaviors and experiences you want to have—guided by your coach.


For example, as coaches we’re able to offer a package of mixed partner & individual sessions—which allows us to get deeper into things one-on-one, so we can have even more effective discussions in our partner sessions. Couldn’t do that under the therapy model!

Or if you happen to be anywhere besides Virginia—the traditional sex therapy restrictions wouldn’t allow us to have our virtual sessions. ..


Or let’s say you’re part of a polyamorous triad and wanted coaching sessions together. Therapy wouldn’t recognize that as a diagnosable family unit...

Read more about the difference here.

Benefits of sex coaching

It’s not easy talking about sex. Even with (or sometimes especially with) the partners we want to connect with. We're afraid of their response, or of being vulnerable. We're afraid of hurting their feelings.


And even just on your own—who can you talk to about your sexuality, in a guaranteed sex-positive, judgment-free setting?


We're brought up with all sorts of social & cultural conditioning that make everything so taboo...

​What if you could talk to a professional about:

  • Communicating your desires & fears

  • Boundaries & expectations

  • Trust & self-esteem

  • Past experiences & how they shape you

  • Emotional connection

  • Anxiety & trauma

  • Non-monogamy

  • Kink & fetish

  • Masturbation

  • Pleasure & orgasm help

  • Anything your therapist isn’t comfortable talking about

Well you can! We can help...

Click below to schedule your free consult:

Sex Coaching Services

What to Expect

Whether it’s just you or you and a partner, sex coaching is a process of discovery! We’ll guide you through it all; adapting however you need, to achieve your goals. 


Expect it to be:​

  • Revealing

  • Intense

  • Sometimes awkward

  • Emotional

  • Uplifting

  • Powerful


But it can also be fun—we promise! And your coach is with you every step of the way.


Once you decide you want to make positive changes in your life as a sexual being,  here’s what comes next:

1. Initial Consultation

This one's on us. Free 30-min chat with our sex coach about your goals and needs, and how we can help.

2. Design Your Strategy

If you decide to move forward, your first full session focuses on where you are now and where you want to get to.

3. Do Your Homework

Take the strategies we develop together in sessions out into the real world and apply them in your daily life.

4. Discover Your Possibilities

Once you achieve your goals, you get to set new goals! Positive sexuality is an ongoing practice throughout your life. The possibilities are endless...
  • Is couples coaching the same as relationship counseling?
    We draw upon multiple modalities in our sex-coaching process, depending on each client's needs. With coaching you won't just be talking in session; you'll also be practicing your new skills at home.
  • Can I get sex coaching if I don't have a partner?
    Of course! We offer customized sex-coaching services for individuals and/or partners—whatever your relationship status, gender, and/or sexuality expression may be.

You're invited to the rest of your life...

Make the most of it

When you’re ready to get to work, we’re ready to hear from you. We offer sex-coaching services for individuals & partners—to help you overcome your struggles and find a greater sense of satisfaction in your sex life. 


Ready to enjoy the sexuality you want & deserve? Schedule your complementary consultation below:

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