Trauma recovery, intimacy communication, and alternative relationship coaching

for individuals and partners

Feeling inadequate or unsatisfied?
Struggling to connect or communicate?
Dealing with doubt or anxiety?
Seeking pleasure or fresh experiences?

I didn't think we'd ever get back to feeling normal about each other, much less have sex again, but somehow Valerie helped us talk things through and rediscover each other.

— Trisha
Valerie McDonnell, sex therapist &coach

Hi I'm Valerie

I help people empower their sexuality

I became a therapist to help people rise out of sexual trauma—like how my therapist helped me.

I transitioned to coaching to offer a broader array of services—and help people solve problems that don’t fit a diagnosis.

Sex-Positive Education

I don't know about you, but my public school sex-ed was not...up to the challenge.

Do you know how to find sex-positive porn? Do you understand the 4 parts of the clitoris? Have you heard of sensate focus? Did anyone ever tell you about consensual non-monogamy?

Explore my educational resources and load up on knowledge—books, articles, toys, DIY courses, video workshops, and more...

Sexuality Coaching

Though I once practiced as a licensed sex therapist in Richmond, VA, the systems and strategies I use for group and individual coaching don't fit that regulatory model. That's why I offer coaching instead of therapy.

In coaching we focus less on diagnosing and more on developing tools, habits, and exercises to help you achieve the goals you set.

And we can also schedule coaching sessions with multiple partners for people practicing polyamory.

Lipservice: DIY Sex Talk Guide

A couples communication game that ends with sex.

Talk your way through the brain-bed barrier with this free 4-week DIY course in relationship communication, gratitude, desire, and touch.

DIY sex therapy coaching resource
Image by Kristina Wagner

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