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Opening a Relationship? Start Here

Save big on this pre-paid package for couples opening for the first time

  • 1 hour
  • 1,090 US dollars
  • Online session

What it's for

Getting ready to explore something new? Don't dive in blind! Even people with years of polyamory experience sometimes struggle with navigating relationships. Opening a relationship can be incredibly rewarding and rich with mutual self-discovery—and it can bring you closer than you've been in years (I've seen it many times). But consensual non-monogamy is complex and can kick up all sorts of unexpected emotional responses. Especially if there's any history of trauma. And while rediscovering all your emotions, you'll also have to unlearn so many personal and cultural norms, face your attachment behavior head-on, and practice a whole new way of communicating with each other and getting vulnerable enough for true transparency. Start your journey TOGETHER, guided by a licensed sex therapist with personal and professional experience with the obstacles and challenges you'll face. This package includes a series of alternating individual and couple sessions—following an intensive strategy of discovery and development of your mutual and personal goals for non-monogamy. Root out any mismatches in communication or expectation BEFORE they become a problem. Learn how to navigate: –Expectations & assumptions –Boundaries & desires –Communication skills & exercises –Attachment styles & behaviors –Jealousy & compersion –Resentment & reassurance –Building agreements that aren't "rules" –Adapting your experiment to fit the circumstances We'll move at a pace that's comfortable for everyone, focused on building a foundation of empathy & transparency. You'll learn how to think of the journey as a series of experiments; how to check in regularly and discuss how the experiment is going, and whether any adjustments are in order. And you'll come away with multiple ideas for how to communicate and stay connected, helping each other feel secure and safe and excited in your exploration of this big new thing. Package includes: –Four 60-minute couple sessions ($640 value) –Four 60-minute individual sessions ($560 value) –Worksheets & guided exercises ($250 value) –50% off CNM group coaching series ($150 value)

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please let me know 48 hours in advance.

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