Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching Resources

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Relationship Communication

Most relationship problems start with miscommunication and get worse from there. Learn how to communicate better through sex therapy tips & exercises, 


Learn how to discuss fantasies and sexual needs with your partner. Bring a sense of adventure to the bedroom. Take your sexual relationship(s) further than society would dictate.

Self Care & Toys

We don't often talk about the impact of sexual health on mental health. But sex therapy isn't just about couple's counseling or relationship coaching. It's also about understanding how sexuality and self are inseparable.

Trauma Recovery

Sexual and other trauma can rob us of our sense of self, security, and sexuality. Trauma survivors deal with PTSD symptoms and triggers, which often interfere with daily function.

Book Recommendations

Books about sex therapy topics like relationship communication, infidelity, exploring sexuality, making marriage work, and so forth. A library of books I've read and recommend.

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