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For partners & individuals: two 90-minute virtual group sessions to develop skills for anxiety management & communication

Performance Anxiety & ED
Desire Discrepancy & Libido Issues
Trauma & PTSD Interference
Frequent or Unresolved Conflict

"We were having serious marital problems and we couldn't figure out why. Val helped us recognize anxiety patterns and communicate about it better so we could start rebuilding."

— C. + G.  Franklin

Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment

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Welcome to RISE!

I'm Valerie McDonnell, sex therapist and intimacy coach. I help people communicate, understand, and explore their sexuality and intimacy needs.

As an LCSW licensed therapist in Virginia, I help clients work through trauma, attachment, performance anxiety, and other issues that affect human sexuality.

As a relationship coach, I teach individuals, partners, and group workshops about communication skills, empathy, and sex-positive habits to help people deepen their connection & intimacy. 

But outside the therapy room, how do you manage anxiety in relationships and beyond?

Managing Anxiety: Resources for Success

Unaddressed anxiety can lead to all sorts of problems, in relationships and life in general. Hurtful communication, low self-esteem, missed experiences, pursue/withdraw conflict patterns, mismatch in the bedroom...

But anxiety is an uncomfortable and vulnerable thing to talk about, so we seldom look it straight in the face and discuss it directly—which means when anxiety comes up, we're unprepared to recognize & manage its effects, and find ourselves an offramp.

And because anxiety triggers the Autonomous Nervous System into fight/flight/freeze mode—reason & logic can't get past the reactionary amygdala until after the system resets.

Welcome to The Steady Mind, a small-group coaching workshop for managing anxiety.

Join Valerie & the RISE team for 2 rigorous 90-minute sessions, centered around anxiety education, comprehensive worksheets, discussion, and at-home action steps.

Learn & practice a variety of proven therapy techniques for regrounding your body and resetting the ANS, so your rational mind can reframe and resume its place at the wheel.

Recognize – Reground – Reason – Relate

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Recognize & understand body anxiety

Use breathwork & sensory awareness

Ground yourself in the present

Escape the emotional spiral

Hold steady through difficult feelings

Reframe anxious & invasive thoughts

Communicate effectively, w/ empathy

Build your self-esteem

Reconnect with self & partner(s)

Develop these therapy skills and more in our Steady Mind anxiety workshop

Limited course openings.
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"I'm not exaggerating when I say that Valerie changed my life. With my anxiety in check, I can actually focus on things, not to mention sleep at night. Side bonus: our sex is better than ever."

—  Amelia

What if anxiety

didn't take up so much space?

Join our 2-day workshop and shrink anxiety's role in your life to make room for positive, memorable experiences.