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Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment

Small-Group Workshop

Phoenix landing

For poly, open, and other non-monogamies

Discuss important relationship topics with like-minded people at different stages of their own CNM journey.


Guided by trauma-informed sex therapist and ethical non-monogamy specialist, Valerie McDonnell, LCSW

Navigating polyamory?
Struggling with jealousy?
Opening a relationship?
Exploring your options?

We knew we wanted to try opening our relationship, but had no idea where to begin. Valerie helped us work through the challenges, and communicate clearly and together how we were going to move forward.

— MR

Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment

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Welcome to RISE!

I'm Valerie McDonnell, sex therapist and intimacy coach. I help individuals and partners communicate, understand, and explore their sexuality and intimacy needs.

As a LCSW licensed in Virginia, I help people work through trauma, attachment, performance anxiety, and other issues that affect human sexuality.

As a poly-informed relationship coach, I help people navigate the trickier parts of consensual non-monogamy and learn about the possibilities, ethics, and challenges unique to the lifestyle.

But what about outside the therapy room?

How do you find community & support in a world that's not always friendly to alternative relationship styles?

A bit of self disclosure here: I know from personal experience the challenges of expressing closeted sexuality & desire, bring up opening a relationship, or sync two people's very different needs, insecurities, and perspectives on non-monogamy.

It's hard!

On top of that there's all the cultural expectations and "norms" which you violate at your own risk. Which are so deeply ingrained in us from birth, they can be difficult even to recognize in ourselves. And which can come down on us like a hammer sometimes, via lost jobs, estranged family, reopened attachment wounds, and all sorts of other painful fallout.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some consistent empathy & support, answers to burning questions, and ideas for how to move forward into a consensual, ethical, and loving future?


  • Hear diverse perspectives on CNM

  • Learn how to initiate tough conversations

  • Talk comfortably about intimacy

  • Address avoidance & anxiety

  • Learn about jealousy & compersion

  • Communicate your needs & boundaries

  • Discuss "coming out" to family & friends

  • Feel more connected to partners & community

You can here... Join us

(Every other Wednesday, Aug 10 – Nov 16)
polyamory, non-monogamy, & open relationship coaching group

"Valerie showed us there are other people out there who share our struggles. We felt like we could discuss things we can't bring up with most of our friends & family...and we've definitely grown closer since."


Don't miss your chance to find community and connect with other people who get it. Brought to you by RISE...

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Whatever you're dealing with—you're not alone

The RISE team is here for you, along with our community, to share experience and insight and help you deepen your understanding, your connection with your partner(s), and your empathy-driven communication.

Share successes and setbacks in a nurturing, judgement-free zone. With people who understand what you're going through.

Eight biweekly sessions (5-7pm EST)

Email support with the RISE team

Access to our private facebook group

Important topics; discussion & reading

Communication demos & practice

Journal prompts & coaching exercises

Worksheets & stimulating homework

Plus get 10% off private sessions!

(with purchase of whole series)

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5pm EST