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Richmond's alternative sex therapist

Hi, I'm Valerie McDonnell

What that means is always evolving...

Like many of my contemporaries, I came to the field of mental health & social work because of my own positive experience working with a therapist to uncover and process my own trauma from long ago.

Seeing first-hand how much impact therapy can have in improving a hopeless life inspired me to share that gift with as many people as possible—so I went to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Master’s in Social Work.


For years I worked at a practice specializing in trauma & PTSD therapy and learned so much about how the mind and body respond to profound events...even decades later.

It's hard to talk about, isn't it?

And the hard truth is, healing is a lifelong process. Part of my own healing journey is guiding others toward self-discovery and renewed life—through sex-positive therapy.

Relationship coaching couch in Richmond, VA

That’s why I started my own practice in a little office just outside Richmond, Virginia, specializing in sex therapy for individuals & partners.

Finishing this next phase of my continuing education will make me one of the only AASECT-certified sex therapists in Richmond.

At the beginning and end of the day my focus is on educating and guiding people through the complexity of human sexuality.

As a culture we’re not very good at talking about sexuality and things like consent, boundaries, intimacy, discomfort, and desires.

Let’s change that together!

Sexuality is a conduit to your intimate self...

Whether you’re sharing with others or not

The way I see it...

Everyone could benefit from professional sexuality coaching

Sexuality is infinitely diverse...and all consent-based sexuality is interesting & beautiful

Things happen to us that we can’t control—but we can always practice healthy coping, even when we need help

Progress is incremental and should always be celebrated!

Couple after sex therapy coaching

Eros is calling...celebrate by dancing free...all weirdness welcome

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